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By registering with Maxx Liquidation Marketplace or any of its associated domains or companies you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all of the terms, conditions, rules and regulations stated below and anywhere else within this website without reserve or modification.

You certify that all of the information you have provided to Maxx Liquidation Marketplace on your registration is genuine, truthful and accurate and you undertake to update and maintain the accuracy of these registration details.

As you choose your username, bear in mind that it may not be considered offensive or appear to detract from Maxx Liquidation Marketplace in any manner. If we feel your username is unsuitable in any way, your registration will be cancelled and you will be required to register again under a different username.

Maxx Liquidation Marketplace is committed to maintaining a positive workplace environment for its valued staff and members
Aggressive behaviour of any kind, whether it be in person or online via email/social media, will result in the deactivation of your membership and a permanent ban from our place of business at 200 Bartor Road, North York, Ontario, M9M 2W6.


Once your membership meets our security requirements (be a member for 30 days, spend $1000 and complete successfully 5 invoices) you may pay for your items online with PayPal (E-CHECKS are not accepted), e-transfer or by using secure payments. You can also pay for your items at 200 Bartor Road, North York, Ontario. We accept Cash, Interac, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. All items purchased on or before Tuesday at 11:59 pm must be paid for and picked up by the upcoming Friday at 6pm. If an item is not paid for and picked up by the Friday deadline, Maxx Liquidation Marketplace will attempt to charge the payment to the member's card on file on Friday by 6pm without prior notification. For example, if you purchase your item at 2pm on Tuesday, the payment and pickup deadline is the nearest Friday by 6pm. If you purchase your item on Thursday at 2pm, payment and pickup is due the following Friday by 6pm (9 days later).
Maxx reserves the right to deny the collection of invoices by third parties that have been paid online. Should you wish to send a third party to collect your invoices, we encourage you to send payment via e-transfer or have your pickup person pay in-store to avoid potential delays/refusals of pickup. Regular payment and removal deadlines still apply.

Maxx Liquidation Marketplace is unable to remove bids on our auctions. Please ensure you are entering in your desired bid amount.

A $100.00 admin fee will apply to all membership reactivations.

All items must be removed from our premises within the payment deadlines. Any items that have not been removed from our premises within the timeframe will be treated in the following manner:

  1. The items will be removed from your account and made available for sale on our site again. You will be charged a restocking fee of 20%, minimum $50 ($100 for pallets) of the sale price of the item(s), plus taxes. If this is a Special Event item you will be charged 20%, minimum $100 ($200 for pallets) of the sale price of the item(s), plus taxes. If your membership is deactivated for non-payment of restocking fees, we will not be able to reactivate your membership until all monies owing are paid in full.  Memberships with outstanding balances older than 30 days will be sent to a collection agency.

Maxx reserves the right to report any delinquent accounts to collection agencies.

Please note that we are unable to separate or combine invoices. Payment and pickup times will be based on the date of the oldest item purchased.

For more information on consignment and wholesale offerings, please visit the consignment page.

If you have purchased an Auction or Maxx Deal item that you no longer wish to buy (buyer's remorse), we do allow members to cancel their purchase(s) by paying a restocking fee for each lot they want cancelled (unless stated otherwise in listing comments). This fee is 20%, minimum $50 ($100 for pallets) of the sale price of the item(s), plus taxes. If this is a Special Event item the fee is 20%, minimum $100 ($200 for pallets) of the sale price of the item(s), plus taxes. This fee must be paid via e-transfer, debit or cash. This fee must be acknowledged by staff before any removal and payment deadlines pass.

Maxx Liquidation Marketplace offers a one week functionality warranty and point of purchase warranty for misrepresentation/damage/completeness on items that are NOT being sold "AS IS". "AS IS" items are sold without warranty. The item's description is nothing more than a general opinion of the item and is not intended as an official appraisal of value or functionality based totally on the visual appearance of the item. Maxx Liquidation Marketplace does not warrant that products descriptions or other contents of our website are accurate, complete, reliable, current or error free.

Any items/auctions that are subject to additional terms and conditions will be disclosed by Maxx Liquidation Marketplace in a timely and upfront manner and will be enforced accordingly. An example of this would be an off-site auction where all items would need to be removed under shorter time restrictions - this shorter time restriction would be disclosed by us ahead of time and would take precedent over standard pick up times disclosed earlier.

Malicious, false and non-paying buyers / bidders (anyone who bids or is high bidder on items but have no intention of completing the transaction) will have their membership cancelled. You must be at least 18 years old to register or use any Maxx Liquidation Marketplace service. If you use this site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your membership and password and restricting access to your computer and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your membership.

All content included on this site such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software is the property of Maxx Liquidation Marketplace or its contents suppliers and protected by international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of Maxx Liquidation Marketplace with copyright authorship for this collection by Maxx Liquidation Marketplace and protected by international copyright laws.

Most items listed and sold by Maxx Liquidation Marketplace are overstock, undelivered or returned goods. However, they can be the result or consignments of private and governmental agencies and institutions which have legal right to commit to sale these items. These things could be considered as recovered, abandoned, refused, undeliverable, seized, forfeited, or as found, and should be considered "used" unless otherwise noted. Maxx Liquidation Marketplace is not privy to the specifics of any items committed to sale and will not release any information or item if contacted. Maxx Liquidation Marketplace will not respond to inquiries or claims from any individual or company. All items committed to sale have been subject to due diligence either by the seller or a known third party and are legally held and committed to sale under various federal and provincial regulation and legislation. All items sold by Maxx Liquidation Marketplace are subject to tax legislation pursuant to tax laws of Ontario and other Canadian provinces. All taxable items picked up at our Toronto warehouse will be charged HST.

We try our very best to accurately describe and present each item with a description and clear pictures, however we cannot provide the type of information a buyer might expect from a manufacturer or retail website. The description provided is a general overview and should not be considered thorough. Don’t assume any information or functionality based solely on the brief description and pictures provided. It is the bidder’s / buyer’s obligation to ensure that the item is appropriate and suitable for its’ intended or manufactured use. Maxx Liquidation Marketplace is an unauthorized re-seller of goods. Items sold at Maxx Liquidation Marketplace are not covered by any manufacturer's warranties. Maxx Liquidation Marketplace and her associated companies are not responsible for any deficiencies or faults of any type regardless of the circumstances. It is the bidder’s / buyers’ sole responsibility to ensure that item is free from faults, defects, recall, or any other hazard or revocation as provided in the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) regardless of statements or claims that are made directly or indirectly by the seller.

These terms and conditions which govern your visit to may be changed by us along with the content of this site at any time. If any of these terms and conditions is deemed invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable that term or condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining terms and conditions.

Maxx Liquidation Marketplace reserves the right to cancel, refuse, disqualify, or delete any auction, bid, bidder, buyer or registrant at any time with or without cause.

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